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Isla Vista Recreation and Park District Guidelines: The Cliff Note Version

Please see their website for up-to-date and thorough information:

Event Size Guidelines:

  • Large Event=50+ people
  • Large Event (Anisq’Oyo Park) = 100+ people
  • Festivals, fundraisers, 300+ people and/or first-time events must be approved by Park District

Completed Permit Applications must be received by the District 2 weeks prior to large events and 1 week prior to small events

Permit Applications will not be accepted without the following items:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Rental Fee
  • Rental Deposit
  • Health Permit (if necessary)
  • Electricity Payment (if necessary)
  • Lighting Equipment Payment (if necessary)

Estimate set-up and break down time and include that in your rental time line:

Park users can set-up/break down events only during the rented hours so you need to include this in your timeline. The same applies for sound checks: Performers are not allowed to do sound checks in park before reserved time.


  • There will be a charge of $15 for any event requiring use of District electrical outlets.
  • The electricity in the Anisq’Oyo Amphitheater is on an automatic timer. The electricity will be set to come on at the time the park reservation is scheduled to begin, and will automatically turn off when the park reservation is scheduled to end.

Additional Insurance:

  • A park user, which is a business, nonprofit, educational or government organization, must provide the District with a Certificate of Insurance , naming the District as a named insured or additional insured on your policy for the specific day of the event.
  • Coverage must include accident and comprehensive public liability in the amount of $1,000,000.
  • The Certificate must be provided at Park user’s expense.
  • All bouncer toys and other play equipment and services brought into the park for public use requires a certificate naming the District as additional insured in accident and comprehensive liability with limits at no less than $1,000,000. If the equipment or service is rented, the certificate is generally supplied by the rental company.

Charging Admission

Nobody can charge admission of an event held in a park, nor may they erect barriers to limit public access without first obtaining District permission. Required donations are considered an admission charge. Exception is Vendor Fees.

Vendors and Distribution of Food

  • The Park user is responsible for all vendors (information, craft, and food booths.) Vendors may establish and collect their own fees. Park users may charge vendor fees.
  • The Park user is responsible for ensuring that vendors have obtained all sales and health permits required by County and State agencies.
  • A Health Permit must be obtained from the County of Santa Barbara environmental Health Department for prepared foods.A copy of the permit must be filed with the Park District no later than 1 week prior to the event.
  • Dispensing food without a permit may result in forfeiture of the deposit and the Park user may be cited by the County. For information on how to obtain a Health Permit, call SB County Environmental Health at (805)681-4936.

Clean up, Trash and Recycling

  • The Park user will be charged for placement of trash and recycling containers and bins at large events, events with amplified sound or at the discretion of District Staff. At smaller events, the Park user will be required to separate and bag recyclables and haul them to a recycling center.
  • Trash and recycling containers may be ordered by the Park user from Marborg Industries at (805)963-1852. Placement of trash and recycling containers must be coordinated with the District.
  • Contact AS Zero Waste Committee
  • If it is necessary for the District Staff to clean up after an event, the Park user will be charged at a rate of $40/hour per worker; these charges will be deducted from the deposit.


  • The Designated Individual is responsible for security during the event.
  • The Park District and the Isla Vista Foot Patrol may require that the Park users pay for additional law enforcement officers to patrol events.
  • The Designated Individual is responsible for the actions of volunteers appointed to work at the event and for additional person(s) hired to work as security guards during the event.
  • If the Designated Individual or the security guards need assistance they are responsible for calling the Foot Patrol at (808)681-4179 or 911. Failure to use proper discretion in this matter may result in forfeiture of deposit.

Note: the Park User is Associated Students and the “Designated Individual” must be a staff member that will be present during the entirety of the event.  It cannot be a student, it must be an AS Staff member.

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